Ducati & The Matrix Movie. Combination that brought us legendary Ducati 996/998 Matrix Edition in 2003. Originally 321 units made, the Matrix Edition had very unusual dark green color and Termignoni exhaust. The KikasDesign Matrix Heritage Edition seamlessly blends this legendary design with cutting-edge technology, capturing the essence of a bygone era while embracing the innovations of today

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Indulge in exclusivity with the Matrix Heritage Edition by KikasDesign
Masterpiece limited to just 25 units worldwide. Each bike undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly blending cutting-edge design, high-performance features, and a touch of nostalgia inspired by the iconic Matrix movie.



The soul of our Matrix Heritage Edition V4 resides in meticulous details. The cornerstone of this design lies in its color — the iconic dark green from Ducati's original Matrix edition. Using exactly the same color formula ensures that every shade carries a piece of history into our special edition model. 

Crafting authenticity, we've developed a bespoke decal set in silver, harmonizing seamlessly with the original decal design.



Igniting a symphony of power, the Matrix Heritage Edition comes equipped with a full Termignoni exhaust system. Echoing the sophisticated 'underseat' design of the classic 996/998 Matrix Edition, its distinctive sound and enhanced performance infuse a vintage charm into this modern masterpiece.

Embarking on a journey of sophistication, the bike comes equipped with Magnesium wheels finished in our in-house developed satin silver shade. Beyond aesthetics, these ultralight wheels elevate the handling of this already exceptional superbike, delivering a perfect blend of style and performance

Completing the ensemble is a comprehensive Öhlins suspension pack, ensuring an unmatched fusion of performance and handling for the Matrix Heritage Edition. This carefully curated combination not only enhances the superbike's capabilities but also aligns seamlessly with its distinctive design, creating an exceptional riding experience that marries style and function

Ducati Panigale V4S

Tech Specs

Displacement 1103 ccm
Power 158.5 kW (215.5 hp) @ 13,000 rpm
Torque 123.6 Nm (91.2 lb-ft) @ 9,500 rpm
Dry Weight 174 kg (384lb)
Kerb Weight 195.5 kg (431lb)
Gearbox 6 speed with Ducati Quick Shift DQS
Front Suspension Öhlins NPX 25/30 with Electronic Compression and Rebound Adjustment
Rear Suspension Öhlins TTX36 with Electronic Compression and Rebound Adjustment
Front Brake  2 x 330mm semi-floating discs, Brembo Monobloc Stylema 4-piston Calipers
Rear Brake 245mm disc with 2-piston Caliper
Tires Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa SP

D+ Matrix Heritage Edition

in addition to standard brand new V4S:

Identification PlateUnique identifying plate with serial number of D+ Matrix Heritage Edition motorcycle (1 of 25)
ColorCustom Painted Matrix Green
LiveryD+ Matrix Heritage Edition Clear Coated Decal Set
WheelsLightWeight Forged Magnesium
Wheel FinishD+ Matrix Heritage Edition Satin Silver
SeatTailor-Made Alcantara® D+ Matrix Heritage Edition (Deep Black w Green Stitching)
ExhaustFull Length Termignoni +10kw (13.5hp) Engine Remap
Carbon PackCarbon Fibre Frame Covers
Carbon Fibre Lower Panels
Carbon Fibre Chain Guard
Carbon Fibre Heel Guards
Carbon Fibre Winglets
Titanium PackTitanium Rear Wheel Nut Kit
Titanium Rear Sprocket Kit
Titanium Front Wheel Nut
Titanium Fastener Kit
Aluminum PackAdjustable Lightweight Rearset Kit
Ducati Performance Levers Kit
Forged Upper Triple Clamp
Mirror Delete Kit
Additional EquipmentBlack Rear Stand with matching D+Matrix Heritage Edition identification badge

- Certificate of Authenticity -

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Be among the exclusive 25 worldwide owners of the D+ Matrix Heritage Edition – a symbol of distinction and unparalleled craftsmanship.
Own a piece of history


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