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  • Do you ship to USA?
    Yes, we ship worldwide!
  • Can I buy only the parts?
    Yes, we offer different tuning parts and kits. 
  • Do you work only on Ducatis?
    Yes, we are focused on Ducatis.
  • How long it takes to build a D+ bike?
    It depends on the amount of modifications and current waiting list. Most common Diavel build takes 4-5 weeks. We have also builds that take only 1 week or builds that can take up to  24 weeks.
  • Can I buy a base bike from you or I need to have the bike?
    We can do it both ways! We can offer brand new Ducati donor bike for our D+ build or we can make the modifications to your current motorcycle. In most cases we build a D+ project on a brand new motorcycle provided by us.
  • Do you paint or wrap?
    All our single- and multicolor designs are custom painted using premium automotive paints and clear coats. We do not use vinyl wrapping for creating our designs.
  • What is KickassTuning?
    KickassTuning is the brand name we used in the early days. After rebranding and setting new goals to become international business KikasDesign became the new brand name. 


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